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Rannvijay Singh - Adventure Celebrity & Actor Chief Race Architect

With over 5 generations of his family in army, Rannvijay was born with adventure in his veins. He proved it by winning the first roadies. With a decade's experience of Roadies, he is amongst very few people in the country who have worked on such a large range of adventure tasks and obstacles. Today besides being an MTV VJ and actor he has also been voted amongst 50 most desirable people of 2010.

Piyush Khandelwal - Leading Adventure Coach Chief Executive Officer

With more than 30000 Hours of experience in adventure coaching, Piyush has done it all. His experience ranges from aerial to water sports including land activities in deserts, wild forests, snow capped mountains, glaciers, etc. He and his team of adventure coaches have trained more than 2 lakh individuals. He has himself led over 100 treks in northern Himalayas, western ghats and southern coasts of India.

Amit Goyal - Experiential Learning Guru Chief Obstacle Planner

An educator and entrepreneur, Amit is also an adventure enthusiast. An adv ocate of experiential learning, he has dealt and created training programs for primary kids to corporate. He has authored and co-authored over 5 books based on experiential learning philosophy and masterminded a program called ROCK for attitude building which has been written about in all leading newspapers.

Manish Gupta - Adventure Safety & Equipment Expert Chief Safety Auditor

After winning India's first National Rock Climbing Competition and representing the country in Asia Cup for sports climbing at Singapore, he chose to retire from the sport only to make it a life time profession. He is the man who designed the modern day commando net - a safer alternative. He has introduced & imported various safety equipments and made them easily available for promoting safer adventure sports in India.

Ankit Khandelwal - Outdoor Survival Coach Chief Race Operations

At a young age of 14 he was awarded for his knowledge of survival skills like mapping, signalling, first aid, etc. by the president, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Since then he has spent more time sleeping under open skies than under a roof. He now leads an organisation that takes corporate executives to outdoor locations and trains them on team building and leadership through survival skills.adventure sports in India.